Anesthesia Dentist

Feeling anxious about visiting the dentist? This is more common than you might think. Over a million people in the Netherlands prefer to avoid a visit to the dentist. So the fact that you are visiting this website right now is already a big and important first step.

At Narcose Dental, we take the time for you and tailor treatments to your needs. Professional, without doctors coats. Welcome to the friendly anesthesia dentist in Almere.

Treatments under anesthesia

From A to Zzzz

All regular dental treatments at Narcose Dental are performed under full anesthesia. This includes procedures such as cleaning, filling a cavity, or removing a wisdom tooth. But you're also in good hands with us for complete dental renovations, the extraction of all teeth and molars (total extraction), or the placement of a new set of teeth. Everything takes place while you're asleep. You won't feel or notice a thing.

Treated while you sleep

It's never too late to restore your oral health. Often this is possible in just one treatment. Enjoy smiling again!

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team of sedation dentists and anesthesiologists is here to assist you. Our team does not judge. Whatever your reason for choosing sedation, we are here to help.

Curious about the difference we can make? Click the button below for an example of a compleet dental makeover by our dentist Adriaan van Spaendonck.

The first appointment

Apply to the practice

We are happy to help you by phone, email or simply by you filling in the contact form. Together we will then plan the intake. There's no waiting time for our practice, if you want you can get an appointment right away.

The intake

You are welcomed at our atmospheric practice. Our assistants and narcosis dentists will put you at ease and help you. During an intake we do not use any instruments besides a mirror. If desired, only a panoramic X-ray can also be taken for this appointment. This panoramic X-ray is taken in 20 seconds, you won't feel a thing. Please bring your ID to the appointment, so we can complete your registration.

The narcosis treatment

On the day of the anesthesia treatment, we welcome you in the waiting room. The anesthesia dentist will check if you have any questions. Then the expert anesthesiologist will anesthetize you and keep a close eye on you throughout the treatment. While you sleep, we perform the dental treatments with care. Afterwards, you wake up with healthy teeth, without having felt or noticed anything from the dental treatment.


Check out how others experienced their visit to our anesthetic dentist!

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In one word: fantastic. They are really there for the people and everything is neatly explained and carried out how it was best for me. Even after the treatment, they keep in touch to see how things are going and whether there is anything they can do for you. I'll be going here from now on!
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What a good decision to choose for Narcose Dental. Nice, understanding and very knowledgeable people. The practice is pleasant and relaxed. I am really grateful that I was able to be treated under anesthesia. I didn't notice anything and was treated with great care. When I got home I looked at beautiful and clean teeth. I would really recommend this practice to everyone.
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Another five stars...phew, is that believable? YES...I can't make anything else of it. Very good performance and guidance in all areas. Of course I had no experience in getting a full set of teeth, because you only do that once, usually later in life, like me 🙂 So I can't compare, but with this positive experience there is no need to do so. Congratulations again for the transparent communication and flexible planning.
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Very satisfied, good explanation, both Rana and the dentist are great. The anesthesia team is also top notch. They are all ears, listen carefully to your wishes and provide feedback about your teeth.
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If you have a great fear of the dentist, you can come to Narcose Dental feeling relaxed. Super sweet and beautiful people who really look and listen to the patient and the patient's supervisor. Never before have I been so relaxed in a dental chair.
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What a wonderful, sweet, understanding and professional people. I was helped quickly and my tooth was extracted painlessly under anesthesia. I didn't notice it at all. The aftercare was also super nice. If I ever have to have a tooth extracted again, I will definitely come back. What a relief it was.
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I can recommend this to anyone with a fear of the dentist, during the check-up I was clearly told what needed to be done to my teeth. The treatment went very well and the aftercare was great, even on Saturday at the end of the day they called to ask how I was doing. Great service, can recommend it to everyone.

At Narcose Dental:

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